A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

        A UCSC 2020 Game Design Major Final Project.

        The Atlas: Prologue includes the tutorial level and the first level of the full gameplay. It’s an ink painting style 2D Puzzle RPG game in which you act as a young wizard, who cultivates Taoist to become a real immortal, to save your teacher ‘The Master’.

        In the game, you will use talismans, a magic tool, to cast different spells to overcome all the difficulties in your path.

        The answer can be easy as long as you understand the inner logic and philosophy of those elements!


  • Haobin Zhang
  • Yibo Wang 
  • Ahri Zheng
  • Zhengyang Zhang
  • Huanyi Li
  • Naixin Lou
  • Huazhen Xu
  • Can Huang
  • Liuwenda Gao
  • Alicia Zhen
  • Sean Kang
  • Fion Kwok
  • Victoria Rafaelian
  • Leonard Tolentino
  • Hardwin Bui
  • Jihe Liang
  • Noah Jiang
  • Chenhan Zou

Install instructions

Extract the file, then you can play the game!


The Atlas - Prologue_Windows_1.02.zip 349 MB
The Atlas - Prologue_Mac_1.02.zip 352 MB

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